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Chapter 18.

AN: I SED STUP FLAMMING! if u do den ur a fuken prep! fangz 2 raven 4 da help n stuf. u rok! n ur nut a prep. fangz for muh sewter! ps da oder eson dumbeldor swor is koz he trin 2 be gofik so der!

AN: I said stop flaming! If you do, then you are a fucking prep! Thanks to Raven for the help and stuff. You rock! And you are not a prep. Thanks for my (zase? :D) sweater!
PS naisto nerozlúštim ani keby som neviem ako chcela, chytám tam len nejaké (aj to som si nie istá) PS: The other reason Dumbledore swore is because he is trying to be gofik so...........


I woke up the next day in my coffin. I walked out of it (Hm, uvažujem, čo to bolo za truhlu, keď z nej po prebudení... vykráčala von...) and put on some black eyeliner, black eyesharrow, blood-bed lipstick (rúž farby krvavej postele, hm…) and a black really low-cut leather dress that was all ripped (once again, everything I wear is ripped, so you don’t see just my belly, you see EVERYTHING!) and in stripes so you could see my belly, boobs and… everything (I don’t put on any lingerie – as I didn’t say a word about it when I was mentioning every single piece of my outfit and make-up a while ago.). I was wearing a skull belly ring with black and red diamonds inside it.

(Da night before Draco and I rent back to the skull (geddit skull koz im goffik n I like deth) (Yes, yes, I’m getting it – you are the goffic so you like renting skulls! Hm, and where can you rent them? At the cemetery?) (To je nový rokfortský biznis, ani si nevieš predstaviť ako to pri všetkých tých goffikoch letí!). Dumbeldore chased Vlodemort away. We flew there (Where there? To the cemetery where you can rent skulls?) on our brooms. Mine was black and the broom-stuff was blood-red. There was lace all over it. (Broom with da lace, to znie ako loli metla! Aj ja chcem!) Draco had a black MCR boom (Len boom, mal obsesiu, nie metlu!). We went back to our rooms and we had you-know-what to a Linkin Park song.) (No, I don’t know what you had! You had... a headache? It depends on which song it was – I don’t listen to Linkin Park (they are not enough goffic for me) but maybe they have songs which can cause a headache...)

Well anyway I went down to the Grate Hall (slovníček: grate – rošt, strúhať; som nevedela, že I taka hala je v Rokforte!). There all da walls were painted black and da tables were black too. But you fould see that there was pink pants underneath the black pants. And there were pastors (MALI TAM PASTOROV? JE TO KLÁŠTOR ALEBO ROKFORT?!) of poser bands everywhere, like Ashlee Simpson (who is a person, not a band but whatever) and the Backstreet Boys.

“WTF!” I shouted going to sit next to B’loody Mary and Willow. B’loody Mary was wearing a black leather mini with a Good Chraloote (čítaj: šralót) t-shirt, black fishnets and black pointy boots. Willow was wearing a long gothic blak dress with blood red writing that was all lacy and came up to your (my?!) thighs (Ehm, takže ten krvavočervený nápis bol čipkovaný a siahal jej až po stehná?! Akosi si to neviem dobre predstaviť…) and black boots and fishnets. Vampire, Dracula and Draco came. We started to talk about who was sexier, Mikey or Gerard Way or Billie Joe Armstrong. The boys joined in cause they were bi. All of them – what a coincidence!

“Those guys are so fucking hot.” Navel was saying as suddenly a gothic old man with a black beard and everything came. He has everything black – hair, skin, eyes… Even the scleras of his eyes were black! And his teeth! He was the same one who had chassed away Vlodemort yesterday. He had normal tan = black (but I don’t want to said it so straight and sound like a rasist or what…) skin but he was wearing white foundation and he had died a long time ago, now he is an undead zombie eternally dying his hare black.

“……………….DUMBLEDORE?1!” we all gasped.

“WTF?” I shouted angrily again. “I thought he was just wearing that to scare Volsemort!” (Dobrá otázka, tá Avril Lavigne róba a pľúcne vlasy by vystrašili každého!)

“Hello everyone.” he said happily. “As u can see I gave the room a makeover. Whjat do u fink about it?”

Everyone from the poser table in Gryiffindoor started to cheer. Well we REAL goths just looked at each other all disfusted and shook our heads. We couldn’t believe what a poser he was!1111111.

“BTW you can call me Albert.” HE CALLED AS WE LEFT (HOW DARES HE?!?!) to our classes. (But why ALBERT?! O.o Why not – ALBUS? Not goffic enough?)

“What a fucking poser!” Draco shouted angrily as we we to Transfomation (Look – we don’t have just math and biology – we are wizards after all!) (V každom prípade, stále to nie je “originál” rokfortský predmet... Pomýlila si to s “Transfiguration” -.- Ale ani to svoje nenapísala správne XD). We were holding hands. Vampire looked really jealous. I could see him crying blood in a gothic way (geddit, way lik Gerard) (I’m getting it! Gerard also used to cry blood (in a gothic way)! Poor thing, this Gerard, he must be ill or something! Crying bloody tears! I heard of this strange disorder of human body...) (On je ako kamenná socha Panny Márie, ach...) but I didn’t say anything. “I bet he’s havin a mid-life crisis!” Willow shouted.

I was so fucking angry.

autorka pôvodného veľdiela: Tara G.
glosátorka: Ayamee & Myzarey
článok pripravila: Ayamee


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